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Cruise - Summer 2014
Cruise is Swimwear series of AnneBra from Thailand. ANNEBRA comes out with the imagination and inspiration in creating the chic and colorful lingerie for a modern urban feminine. With above inspiration make our concept to be stylish and trendy fashion lingerie vary in every seasonal sentiment. Starting from the tailor-made lingerie shop in 1976, become designer's lingerie manufacture. Till now our own 15 boutique lingerie shops are located in many urban city such as central of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Osaka (Japan) and Amsterdam (Netherland). With the mission to be the most famous region and global fashion label in the near future.


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A Midsummer Nights' Dream
Faeries are mysterious creatures commonly found in medieval Celtic mythologies. They usually gather at Faerieland, which, to normal people, is a faraway paradise. There are various kinds of faeries, each representing an element they belong to (wood, ffre, wind, water and earth). Even William Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights' Dream is filled with interesting faeries. In the play, sweet musk roses are flowers that secrete a magical juice, which, if dropped onto the eyelids, can put a man into sleep. When he comes round, he will fall in love with the first lovely woman he sees. This season, Chasney Beauty has designed a variety of lingerie that has the magical power of faeries in Midsummer Nights' Dream. Each is made with colors, fantasies and luxurious leaver laces to deliver purity, sexiness and trendiness.


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Chasney Beauty's Brand Book
Lingerie becomes a "Weapon of Seduction": Once your self-condence has been given a boost thanks to the comfort & attering eect of your lingerie, you can concentrate on making your partner's head spin… and this is where Chasney Beauty and its experienced design team become indispensable.

Chasney Beauty believes that every piece of lingerie should include all of the above qualities & strives for the perfection of all of its creations.


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Chasney Beauty's Culture & Philosophy
All Females who embrace any of the following qualities are bound to fall for Chasney Beauty!
• Fashion-conscious but cherishes quality, comfort & fitting
• Feminine, sophisticated & seductive
• Self-confident, fun & daring, and not afraid to take on her sensuality
• Appreciative of high-end products and possessing high purchasing power

As you may have noticed, Chasney Beauty doesn't specify an age group when it comes to her
"aficionadas". That's because we believe that women of all age should be allowed to indulge
in the best intimates!


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Chasney Beauty's La Prevision 2011
A Filled with joy, excitement and the touch of everlasting passion, every woman is truly beautiful in this fabulous season. Glowing from the inside out and polished to a rosy sheen on the outside, the lingerie is the intimate layer of beauty that completes the elegant silhouette. Made of the finest laces and sumptuously with floral embroideries, the variety of lingerie styles will set up this romantic mood.

This year, Chasney Beauty Lingerie presents its new and most magical selections, telling a beautiful but different story about lace. Let's fall in love with this ongoing fashion miracle of Chasney Beauty Lingerie.


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Chasney Beauty's Concept
The renement and spirit of the brand's lingerie, corsetry and nightwear are brought out by a sophisticated, European "Bucolic Boudoir" ambience: retro furniture and country-style ornaments are associated with crystal chandeliers, as well as voluptuous draperies and carpets, all in creamy tones, with dashes of gilt and green.

Our aim is to instil in you an irresistible desire for romanticism, by emphasizing the intimacy and cosiness of our boutiques…


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