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Chasney Beauty believes that lingerie should go beyond functionality by not only providing you the best support and comfort, but also giving you enough confidence to shine for yourself and charm others. Our "aficionadas" are Daring, Seductive and very Elegant, which is why we always make sure to highlight these traits by hiding the little imperfections while bringing out your best features. Whether you are a Natural Beauty or a Femme Fatale, or maybe both at the same time,  Chasney Beauty has thought of you. Our ranges offer different bra styles and cup shapes that will help you achieve the desired effect.  Here are our suggestions:



  • Triangle straps : A daptable to the shoulders' width and allow to change the degree of the push-up effect
  • Twin straps : Have the same supportive power as wide functional straps, but much more stylish
  • Balconnet bra : The brand's signature lifts the breasts upwards for a natural push-up effect
  • Push-up bra : The ultimate cleavage maker
  • Seamless bra : Perfect for tight fitting clothes
  • Strapless bra : To match with any style of clothing: tube tops, one-shoulder, halter neck…



  • Thongs : Flaunt minimal seat coverage and body-hugging fabrics for a smooth, line-free look.
  • Bikinis : Narrow sides, a hip-level waistband and moderate seat coverage sum up the universally flattering bikini panty.
  • Briefs : The ultimate comfort panty, briefs hit close to the navel and provide excellent seat coverage—often with minimal lines



It can be confusing and frustrating sometimes but it doesn't have to be. Each bra's style, brand and even color can change affect the way the bra fits on you.

A Must Follow Step by Step

Before we look into style and function, allow us to help you find your right size. According to recent surveys, more than 75% of women are wearing the wrong bra or panty on a daily basis. We would like to lower that number by giving you the following tips.

Going Under the Tape : Below is a step by step guide on how to get your underwear size.


Band Size :
Take your favorite tape measure and give it a snug swing around your ribcage (just right under the breasts).

Band size 32 34 36  38 40     42     44 46
Rib cage  27-29" 29-32" 33-34"  35-38" 39-41"  42" 43-45" 46-47"

Cup Size :
Wearing your best - fitting bra, circle around the fullest part of your bust. Then, subtract the band size from the cup size, careful to round of half inches and odd numbers to the nearest even digit. If the difference is:

Difference       0"           1"           2"            3"            4"           5"    
Cup size AA  A B C D E


Waist :
Find the natural indentation or break at your waist and wrap the tape measure snugly around it. Jot down the result.

Hips :

Go in front of a mirror and measure completely around (make sure it's straight!) the fullest part of your hips.

Conversion for Perfection. Now that you've nailed down your bra and panty size, find out what sizing chart your brand uses and look at the chart below.

Size         XS S M L XL
Waist     23-24"  25-26" 27-28" 29-30" 31-32"
Hips    33-34" 35-36" 37-38" 39-40" 41-42"

Think you have found your best match, let's move on to the exciting part – pick out your favourite lingerie and put them into your favorite list. Enjoy!